Leave the design and engineering to us! Zimmerman Steel and Supply takes on design and engineering challenges with a passion, using reverse engineering, research, development and prototyping to solve our customers’ needs.

We are experienced designers of a range of products spanning across industries and applications including transportation, handling, storage, machines, and systems. We specialize in servicing customers with heavy industrial and critical needs such as oil and gas production, waste management, recycling, excavating, and bulk material handling among others.

We offer multiple system styles to suit exacting production requirements including automatic, continuous, flexible, high speed, modular, non-synchronous, synchronous, semi-automatic, and turnkey with control mode options including CNC, PLC, HMI, and manual.

Our production processes are carried out on site at one of our state-of-the-art facilities, which total over 70,000 square feet. We employ advanced machinery and fabrication methods – including die casting, molding, forming, cutting, stamping, welding, EDM, rolling, machining, and assembly to deliver industry-leading components. We provide quality control and mil spec reports, as well as implement a comprehensive testing protocol using visual inspections, and pressure and leak testing to ensure accuracy and integrity.