Doing business all across the United States and parts of Canada!

Zimmerman Steel has its roots in Dalton, Ohio, and has steadily grown its footprint over the years. We operate two production and fabrication facilities, totaling over 70,000 sq. ft., enabling us to deliver reliable, quality large- and small-scale projects to customers.

Today, we proudly stand as one of the region’s leading metal fabrication firms with a wide range of customers located across the country.

We offer our services across the United States and Canada, shipping products to their final destination when needed. In many cases, our regional customers (600 mile radius) depend on us for delivery and sometimes installation.

In every case, our success is based on commitment to quality and superior customer service.

These founding principles have allowed us to expand across the United States and parts of Canada and continue to serve a growing market. We hold certifications in both the US and Canada, recently receiving our CSAW47.1 certification in Canada.